How do search engines use Artificial Intelligence?

Back in the day, computers could only execute your commands, not store them. Although people back then had their fair share of setbacks, those efforts initiated the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) that rules everything today. Thanks to AI technology, machines can mimic human behavior. Machine learning (ML) on the other hand, is a part […]

How to conduct an interview

Conducting an interview is a skill that every interviewer should know. When you are the interviewee, you prepare well for it. Likewise, it is important for the interviewer to be able to conduct an interview as well. Sometimes it can be challenging to conduct a good interview, but having the right questions, good criteria, and […]

Interview formats that you should be aware of.

Interviewing is a wide subject, there are different styles and formats of interviews. Unnanu’s last article explained different styles of interviews. Having an understanding of different interview formats is also essential to both interviewers and interviewees. Here are some common interview formats and everything you need to know about them. Screening/Telephone Interview Most companies start […]

Building awareness about unconscious bias in hiring

It is human nature to categorize people using assumptions and stereotypes and the majority do this unknowingly and without harmful intentions. These are known as unconscious biases and may lead to certain groups being treated less favourably. For example, when we meet someone, we may judge them based on what we see, their accent, their […]