How a Job Seeker Found a Job Using Unnanu Talent

Erica was working as a front-end developer but had problems with her company as she felt she didn’t have a good work-life balance. Erica thought that since there is an abundance of job ads everywhere, it would be easy to land a job in a better place soon. So, she decided to quit and started searching for a job at a new company. Like many others, this was the first time she began looking for a job since the pandemic hit, and hiring had changed a lot since her first job search. Erica wasn’t aware of this change and worked on her resume to apply to a few jobs. But after not hearing anything afterwards, she realized that her resume was a little incomplete.

Why the resume goes unnoticed

Erica began researching the current online job search, “I didn’t realize that hundreds of people were applying for the same position as me and that my resume wasn’t going to be recognized at all from the resume pile. So my biggest question was, “How do I stand out from everyone else?”. While researching more on this topic, she found out that what made her resume like everyone else’s was the lack of the right keywords relating to the position.

And that’s when she decided she was going to try Unnanu Talent to find a job and got an offer in less than 30 days.

Erica focused on creating a good profile on Unnanu Talent. She paid more attention to resume keywords, “When I saw Unnanu Talent, I felt that this was the perfect place for me to stand out, share my profile with companies, and find many more opportunities.”

A job platform that everyone needs

Erica had no problem finding opening roles in her field but what she had to focus on the most was creating an eye-catching profile. Erica used Unnanu Talent to create her profile which eventually helped her land a job.

Here’s how she did it: Erica recorded a small video in which she told her story and uploaded it to her profile. She also looked into the types of words that were used in job descriptions and added the keywords related to her skills to her resume. She highlighted her own professional story and aspirations. Sharing her experiences and achievements helped her show off her strengths. “It was one of the easiest ways to create my profile. When I was applying for jobs, it wasn’t just a resume, it was a full profile that said a lot about me, my skills, and qualifications. It doesn’t require days to set up your account, but just a few minutes of work.”

Beyond the job search

Erica was able to get a few offers from different companies, and as she used Unnanu Talent, she was able to maintain communication during her job search and interview processes and was also able to negotiate an offer. “What I love about Unnanu Talent is that it’s not just another job board or an applicant tracking system (ATS), it’s a platform. A platform to showcase my skills, a place to be connected with companies throughout the hiring process, get an offer, and onboard with the company that I’m going to work for. It’s amazing.” she said.

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