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The hiring process bridges the gap between the employer and the jobseekers, or candidates. In other words, it can also make or break the employer’s persona. For instance, if your hiring process is below par, the bad news will spread like wildfire.

Believe us, the word of mouth still works. But if your hiring process is candidate-centered, the odds will certainly be in your favor. When satisfied candidates rave about your company, your reputation will peak, and more skilled talents will be willing to work with you.

However, this is easier said than done, and that’s why we’ve put together some crucial pointers for you to help avoid shortcomings on your end and improve candidates’ experiences. Here we go!


Write a clear job description. 

As easy as it sounds, hiring managers tend to get this wrong. The result is a lot of misled candidates. The rule of thumb is to stop putting jargon on ads, be more specific, not over-glorify the role, and paint a clear picture of how this role could grow with your company. 

Make your application process shorter.

According to pipeline.zoominfo, 60% of job seekers quit halfway through a job application due to it being too long or complex. To avoid this, don’t ask the same questions that are on the candidate’s resume, and keep it clean, brief, and simple.


Feedback is crucial.

Are you aware that 75% of applicants never hear back from their recruiters? This could make the candidates clearly frustrated and hinder their opportunity to apply for another role. On the other hand, if they passed the preliminary stages of the hiring process and still didn’t make the cut, they’ll have questions on how they could improve themselves for future interviews.

That said, make your company follow a strict follow-up procedure. Do not ever keep your candidates waiting for more than a week. Even if you’ve rejected their application, thank them and let them know that you have selected someone else.


Be that as it may, this brings us to a critical issue, i.e., how can employers allocate time to improve this communication process? The simple answer is “artificial intelligence” (AI) and “machine learning” (ML).

Many companies opt for AI for candidate screening, which frees up tons of time. This rules out the tedious task of going through thousands of resumes and matching the perfect job seeker for the job role. In other words, recruiters have more time on their hands to respond to the most skilled candidates in a more personalized manner to heighten their brand image and the candidate’s experience.


Make sure to have more diversity.

Another mistake that the majority of employers make is boxing in a certain type of job seeker. Simply put, the hiring process is usually highly based on gender, race, and age.

But AI can play an important role in breaking this cycle and building an unbiased recruitment process. Employers can leverage this technology to reach out to a broader crowd and do the first round of applicant screening, depending on survey responses and predictive modeling.

This accommodates a more welcoming, stress-free, and diverse workspace where candidates will love to work any day.



Your company’s hiring process offers the candidates their first impression of your vision. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make them feel comfortable and valued. With AI and ML, you can speed up your screening processes, allocate more time for potential applicants, and cherish their input.

With that in mind, if your hiring process has seen better days, now you can start anew.

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