Simplify Hiring | Your Hiring Process is Causing High Turnover

Recruitment Funnel Creating the optimal recruitment funnel requires careful planning and attention to detail. Before posting a job listing, it’s important to create a detailed job description that accurately conveys the role, duties, and qualifications needed for the position. The job listing should also include information about the company culture, benefits offered, and any other […]

How Recruiting Will Continue To Be a Growing Industry Over the Next 10 years

Recruiting is an essential function of every organization, and its importance has increased over the years due to the growing competition for talent. With the emergence of new technologies and the changing nature of work, the recruitment industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. The recruitment industry has shifted towards a more data-driven approach, […]

How to Be an Independent Recruiter in 2023 – Texas

Becoming an independent recruiter in 2023 in Texas can be a rewarding and lucrative career choice. In 2023, becoming an independent recruiter in Texas requires you to ensure that you are properly educated and certified to carry out recruitment tasks. This will involve completing a certification program or course with a reputable institution that specializes […]

Texas Job Market Stagnation, and Hot New Industries?

Hiring is Expected to Slow for Q2 2023 Hiring is expected to Cool, and Layoffs will slow down over the next six months As the world continues to adjust to the economic effects of foreign policy and fiscal spending due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are struggling, and hiring is expected to slow for […]

How Employers Can Improve The Candidates’ Experience

The hiring process bridges the gap between the employer and the jobseekers, or candidates. In other words, it can also make or break the employer’s persona. For instance, if your hiring process is below par, the bad news will spread like wildfire. Believe us, the word of mouth still works. But if your hiring process […]

Hiring Top Talent in a Slow Labor Market | Best Practices

Hiring top talent in a slow market can be tricky. A lengthy hiring process may mean losing out on top candidates to competitors, so it’s important to streamline the process and make decisions quicker. In demand industries, wrong timing can be a serious liability as there is more competition for the best talent. By having […]

How AI Is Reshaping Search Technology in Recruiting

With the introduction of new AI technology and the development of AI systems, many recruiters are wondering the implications for them. Don’t worry, your job has simply gotten easier!. Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized search engines and is revolutionizing many sectors, including programming. AI-powered search engines are now utilizing machine learning to understand complex queries […]

Choosing an AI Hiring Platform with Resume Parsing or Contextual Analysis?

An ATS Should streamline your hiring process, right? Streamlining through its sophisticated artificial intelligence matching technology. Makes hiring managers speaking only with qualified candidates In some cases almost like having your own personal fleet of recruiters. Pairing the job site with video-conferencing software, like Unnanu Hire, which is integrated with interview-scheduling and analytics software, gives […]

How Recruiters Can Make The Most of a Hiring Slowdown

Despite the difficulty of fewer jobs for recruiters in certain industries and cities, many companies have acknowledged that hiring freezes and attrition are more favorable than layoffs. Curbed hiring plans have affected recruitment activity in many industries in Q1. Businesses have also expected to focus less on entry-level jobs. This is especially true with staffing agencies looking […]

Become An Independent Recruiter In Texas 2023

Before embarking on your career as an independent recruiter, you are advised to first gain knowledge about what a recruiter does. Bonus points if you have agency experience. There are many recruiting certification programs out there that may be helpful in advancing your recruiting career. You should not expect recruiters are going to be coaching […]