Choosing an AI Hiring Platform with Resume Parsing or Contextual Analysis?

An ATS Should streamline your hiring process, right? Streamlining through its sophisticated artificial intelligence matching technology. Makes hiring managers speaking only with qualified candidates In some cases almost like having your own personal fleet of recruiters. Pairing the job site with video-conferencing software, like Unnanu Hire, which is integrated with interview-scheduling and analytics software, gives […]

How Recruiters Can Make The Most of a Hiring Slowdown

Despite the difficulty of fewer jobs for recruiters in certain industries and cities, many companies have acknowledged that hiring freezes and attrition are more favorable than layoffs. Curbed hiring plans have affected recruitment activity in many industries in Q1. Businesses have also expected to focus less on entry-level jobs. This is especially true with staffing agencies looking […]

Become An Independent Recruiter In Texas 2023

Before embarking on your career as an independent recruiter, you are advised to first gain knowledge about what a recruiter does. Bonus points if you have agency experience. There are many recruiting certification programs out there that may be helpful in advancing your recruiting career. You should not expect recruiters are going to be coaching […]

Contextual Analysis vs Traditional Resume Parsing In Resume Search

Resume analysis is the technology that allows resumes to be processed and structured information while extracting data intelligently. Resume parsing technologies extract contact information, pertinent skills, job history, and educational backgrounds with exact match keywords. Resume parsing allows recruiters to gather, save, and organize information contained within resumes or applications electronically. Recruitment agencies partner with […]

Why Resume Parsing is an Outdated Solution

Resume analysis is an automated process for extracting structured data from resumes using software that helps in importing, storing, and searching resumes. Resume parsing (sometimes called resume mining, CV mining, or CV extracting) is the process of importing resumes into your hiring software and extracting particular pieces of information in a unified format, all within […]

Will Hiring Managers Jobs be Taken Over by Artificial Intelligence in 2023

As it stands, artificial intelligence hiring technology is designed to streamline the work of hiring managers, not to completely eliminate it. People believe that AI will free up time for recruiters, give them valuable insights while they are on the recruiting trail, and make it easier for the recruiter to do their jobs. Will HR […]

Facebook, Twitter, And Amazon Hiring Freezes And Layoffs Ramp Up

The technology industry is feeling the pinch overall due to the pressures of economics and a perceived downturn, with layoffs and hiring freezes. Other companies are cutting jobs or are slowing down or stopping hiring in response to weakened demand. While cuts are happening at every stage, many recent job cuts are coming from companies […]

Will AI Take the Job of Hiring and Recruiting Departments in 2023

Today’s artificial intelligence software can help recruiters create perfect job descriptions. AI can help recruiters make better decisions faster, freeing them from mundane, logistical tasks. AI recruiting tools can help get the right jobs to the right candidates, the right candidates to the right recruiters…and eventually, to the right teams for a business.  As we […]

Is The Era Of Working From Home Over? Data Shows It Might Be

Nearly three years into the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, about six-in-ten American workers who report that their work is mostly done at home nearly full time. Looking ahead, 60% of workers say when the coronavirus outbreak is over, they would want to work from home all or most of the time, if given the choice. For […]

How do search engines use Artificial Intelligence?

Back in the day, computers could only execute your commands, not store them. Although people back then had their fair share of setbacks, those efforts initiated the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) that rules everything today. Thanks to AI technology, machines can mimic human behavior. Machine learning (ML) on the other hand, is a part […]