Choosing an AI Hiring Platform with Resume Parsing or Contextual Analysis?

An ATS Should streamline your hiring process, right?

Streamlining through its sophisticated artificial intelligence matching technology. Makes hiring managers speaking only with qualified candidates

In some cases almost like having your own personal fleet of recruiters. Pairing the job site with video-conferencing software, like Unnanu Hire, which is integrated with interview-scheduling and analytics software, gives you a full suite of capabilities: Not only do you get candidates to you remotely, you can also automate many parts of the process, and monitor metrics on sources and recruits in order to continually refine the hiring process.


The right technology can help you optimize and standardize hiring, as well as capture the data necessary for you to evolve hiring at your organization even further. In fact, HR professionals should learn how to make their recruitment and hiring strategies more data-driven. Recruiting forces HR professionals to learn a few marketing skills.

Step 1: Upload the Job Description 

Step 2: Interview only the Rockstars

Step 3: Finish you work for the day early because you found great candidates for all of your roles. ūüėĄ

Which Technology is Better for a Large Candidate Data Base? 

Resume analysis is the technology that allows online resumes to be processed and structured information while extracting data intelligently.

Contextual Analysis Software technologies also extract contact information, pertinent skills, job history, and education backgrounds. Resume parsing allows recruiters to gather, save, and organize information contained within resumes or applications electronically. 

Contextual Analysis Is the Evolution of Resume Parsing 

The Processes Involved In Context Analysis Context analysis looks at all parts of the company and market in order to identify probable paths of success or failure. The first step of context analysis is defining a specific market (or topic) that you want to analyze and focus all of your analytical techniques on that defined. The final phase of the technique is the analysis of an organization’s internal environment, thus of the business itself.¬†

Contextual AI Technology Set to Disrupt the Search Industry 

Contextual AI technology is set to disrupt the hiring industry in a big way, bringing vast improvements in the speed and accuracy of candidate selection. By using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, contextual AI can analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns and trends in job applications, helping recruiters select the best candidates for a given position.

This technology has significant implications for the way companies hire personnel in the future. With contextual AI, companies can cut back on time-consuming tasks such as manually sifting through hundreds of applications and interviewing dozens of people for a single position. Recruiting processes that used to take weeks or even months can now be completed in days or hours due to the efficiency offered by contextual AI technology.

Moreover, this technology has proven effective at identifying characteristics such as job fitment and leadership potential that are often underestimated during interviews or resume reviews. This helps ensure that only qualified individuals get hired while simultaneously giving recruiters access to a wider pool of applicants who might have been overlooked under traditional methods. 

HIRE BETTER with Contextual Analysis 

The use of contextual AI will no doubt revolutionize the recruitment process over time as employers increasingly rely on this technology to find the right candidate for each job opening they have available. Not only will this lead to faster, more efficient hiring practices, but it will also help reduce unconscious bias when selecting applicants so that all candidates have an equal shot at being hired regardless of gender, race, religion or other personal factors.

Unnanu is Building an Industry Disrupting Hiring Platform 

One of the biggest benefits of contextual AI is its ability to make hiring decisions that are more unbiased than traditional methods. Not only does it automate some of the tedious manual labor associated with recruiting, but it also eliminates potential biases when reviewing resumes or interviewing candidates. Contextual AI technology considers each applicant’s experience and qualifications objectively, helping employers make decisions based on concrete evidence rather than subjective judgments.

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