Contextual Analysis vs Traditional Resume Parsing In Resume Search

Resume analysis is the technology that allows resumes to be processed and structured information while extracting data intelligently. Resume parsing technologies extract contact information, pertinent skills, job history, and educational backgrounds with exact match keywords. Resume parsing allows recruiters to gather, save, and organize information contained within resumes or applications electronically. Recruitment agencies partner with CV/resume parsing tools to automate CV/resume data storage and analysis.

However, there are a lot of issues with this process. It is an outdated technology.

Using the Right Tool To Analyze Thousands of Resumes

Recruiting tech saves recruiters hours of labor, eliminating the manual process of reviewing every application and resume received. However, which resumes are being eliminated, and why? This has been an issue in the recruiting industry for years, and the solution has been candidate resume stuffing, lying about the experience, copy job description keywords in to resume. Resume parsing cause candidates to have to navigate systems that have nothing to do with their experience.

This is why contextual resume analysis was born. It is a process for both the recruiter and applicant with hirer intelligent processing and speeds up the screening process. By using contextual analysis software, they are able to simplify the process of reviewing applicants. The process is now much faster; recruiters can provide better candidates’ experiences and faster responses.

Where Resume Parsing Fails

Resume parsers are programs designed to scan the document, analyze it, and extract important information for the recruiter. A resume parser does not evaluate contextually. This leads to issues like keyword stuffing and resumes bias. Resume Parsing is designed to help put candidates’ resumes in systems at almost no time and at a very low cost, but it does not do this effectively.

New technology created and patented by Unnanu allows companies to remove the slow, error-prone process of resume parsing. Any business looking to compete effectively for candidates, or move its recruiting software and processes to the modern age, needs an effective solution to sorting through resumes.

How does Contextual Analysis Work?

Contextual Analysis is a perfect solution for finding because it will enable recruiters to rapidly and efficiently comb through resumes in order to find the most relevant candidates for each role. This process turns unstructured resumes into structured data, which you can then store in an easy-to-use database. With the help of Unnanu and Contextual Analysis, extracting and selecting candidates will be more objective since the software will enable you to filter based on skills and qualifications. New hiring speeds up both candidate applications as well as data crunching for the recruiter. Once an application is uploaded, Unnnanu will scan every resume and extract all the pertinent applications and details according to a recruiter’s needs. Learn more today!


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