Why Resume Parsing is an Outdated Solution

Resume analysis is an automated process for extracting structured data from resumes using software that helps in importing, storing, and searching resumes. Resume parsing (sometimes called resume mining, CV mining, or CV extracting) is the process of importing resumes into your hiring software and extracting particular pieces of information in a unified format, all within seconds

Typically, if you are applying at a big firm using the online application process, chances are that you are going to be going through something called a resume parser or an applicant tracking system (ATS). If you are not using an applicant tracking system (ATS) or CV parsing software, think about how many resumes would pop into your inbox each day.

In 2023 resume parsing is an outdated solution. Recruiters need the ability to understand a candidate’s experience. Exact matching with resume parsing leads to keyword stuffing and ignoring those who might be a good fit for the position. This is where Contextual Anayalisis comes into play.

What is Contextual Analysis in Resume Search?

A contextual analysis is simply a study of text that helps us evaluate this text in context, both of its historical and cultural milieu, but also in terms of its textuality–or qualities that mark the text as text. Contextual analysis in resume search helps recruiters to understand contextual what a candidate’s skills and weaknesses are.

Context analysis is a way to examine both past experiences and skills in relation to a job description. The primary purpose of Unnanu’s context analysis is to hire better. The hiring process in companies today relies on exact-match keyword parsing. This leads to a wide array of issues. Lack of hiring diversity, resume bias, recruiter bias, and unskilled labor are all issues posed by resume parsing and fixed with contextual analysis.


What Issues Does Contextual Analysis Solve?

The next evolution of hiring is here. Unnanu allows recruiters to extract the relevant details from hundreds of resumes, making their jobs significantly easier. By performing contextual analysis, a hiring manager or recruiter is able to determine candidates’ skill sets, educational levels, etc. To make this step quicker and more effective, HR and recruiting teams can now utilize Unnanu’s contextual analysis software.

Using resume parsers is outdated simply because it does not utilize the search technology that is available in our modern age. Exact match searching in resumes leads to issues that can be fixed with Unnanu’s patented tech. If you are interested in finding out more, you can schedule a 15-minute call here.

Make searching through your dataset for resumes 10 times easier. Having a comprehensive list, or a data set, that resumes can be compared to filter candidates may be a difficult nut to crack but not with the right tool. We give you the ability to sort through thousands of resumes and filter them contextually.

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